Sunday, 7 August 2011

This Week's Outfits

Hello campers

I hope you've all had great weekends.  Mine has been very unglamourous, involving all manor of child shaped stuff and therefore, I've been wearing my child friendly uniform of jeans/combats, Havaianas, teeshirt, parka.

I did, however, enjoy a really lovely evening this week with one of the besties and some T-Girls that we've recently become friends with.  Having only ever met drag queens before, rather embarrassingly, we spent most of the evening bombarding the "girls" with dozens of questions, all of which I'm sure they'd heard a million times before!   It was a great evening and here's what I wore (although, predictably, I was hugely out-glammed by our new friends!)

silk "Swallow" dress - Whistles, tan wedge shoots - UO, gold watch - Fossil, huge gold hoop earrings - ebay

And this is a work outfit from Friday, the only day of the week I actually made it into work this week!

red skirt - Zara, Breton tee - H&M, grey suede wedges - Next, mink leather satchel - ASOS

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sale Goodies

I've picked up a few bits, mostly sale bargains, as I felt my wardrobe definitely had a bit of a holiday-daytime-dress/beach-cover-up shaped hole in it.  I'm going to Sardinia with the babes and Himself at the end of August and I think (hope) these will be perfect to chuck on over bikinis.

Topshop £28.50 - not in the sale but a great little cover-up nonetheless

To show the cut-out detail at the back - not the most flattering of angles

French Connection £32.00

New Look £7.00 - the hem dips at the back which I love
And clearly not for my holiday at all but it seems I can never resist a big, slouchy, drapey cardigan.  Especially one in grey.

French Connection £29.00

Saturday, 30 July 2011

This Week's Outfits

It seems that summer has decided to finally make an appearance which I'm just loving.  Here are a few outfits from this week at work then I'll share a few of my sale buys with you.  Sorry the pictures are so washed out - for some unfathomable reason my computer is playing silly buggers and not letting me edit them.

linen mix mini dress (it has hidden pockets at the hip which I love) - Next, mink suede bow flats - Next, silver 60s watch and silver and pearl cocktail ring - vintage
Breton tee - M&S, dirndl skirt with exposed zip - Gap, flats - Gerard Darel (although I swapped them for very high pointed stilettoes when in work), bag - Balenciaga, black pearl bracelet, watch and ring - vintage

This photo is just to show my new bag from Zara, more of which below...  


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Today's Outfit

This afternoon myself and my eldest babe hit the cinema.  We watched Kung Fu Panda 2, which we both loved and spent a lovely couple of hours cuddled up in the VIP seats, munching Maltesers.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from here as, during a quick stop off at the park on the way home, Peachy-pie lost her favourite toy, Tiffany, the white stuffed cat.  Cue  c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e  meltdown.  Cuddles, explanations, commiserations and promises of a new cat; none of it cut any mustard with Peachy as the torrent of tears and screams reached epic levels.   Pixie-face clearly thought her big sister was being massive wuss and so, bored with listening to her inconsolable sobs, decided that now would be as good a time as any to leg it to the other side of the (enormous) park and check out what the big kids were doing.  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Seriously, is there anything more stressful than trying to placate and coax into the car an angry, screaming 4 year old determined not to move an inch whilst at the same time attempting to restrain a squirming, screaming 2 year old intent on escaping your clutches?  And all this was played out in front of a large audience of children, parents, dog walkers and dogs!  As I say, GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

And breathe.  So, it seems that Tiff has gone, never to return so I've spent this evening online attempting to locate an exact replica, complete with matted fur.  So far, no luck.

Today's outfit looks really bland on this picture but the belt and bag "popped" a lot more in real life and I felt like I'd half conquered casual chic.  Until that sodding cat went missing.

marl grey tee - La Redoute, chinos - Uniqlo, black leather sandals - Office, bright pink patent belt - Next, cobalt blue messenger - ASOS and also wore black RayBan Wayfarers


Monday, 25 July 2011

What Am I Wearing Today?

Erm, not very much!  It's actually *whispers* sunny in Brizzle today!  Yes I know!!!  Unbelieveable!  In celebration of this rare occurence we finished our chores early and I'm now lounging in the garden while the babes do some "baking" with sand and water.  Oh, how I'm looking forward to clearing that up later. 

Would it be awful to have a glass of Bellini?  I have some in the fridge, left over from the weekend...

blue and white bikini - ASOS


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Purple, New Wallet and Harry Potter

Oh, how bloody awful is this sodding weather?!  I'm beyond bored with rain and grey skies so today I pulled on the brightest trousers I own (a recent sale purchase from River Island) and tried to feel summery.

extremely creased (it was the end of the day) purple palazzo pants - River Island, black platforms - TS, marl grey teeshirt - La Redoute, black blazer - H&M, skinny leather belt - M&S

Continuing the theme of all things bright, my new wallet from Tory Burch arrived this morning.  I absolutely love it and I have to say it's a big improvement on my daughter's Hello Kitty purse that I've been using for the last fortnight!

Last night we went to watch the final Harry Potter film which I thought was brilliant and I'm not ashamed to say that I almost shed a tear near the end.  Thankfully, I got a grip and reminded myself that it was Harry Potter and not real life and so my dignitiy remained intact.  Which was a first.

kimono sleeve sweater - TS, high waisted flares - TS, brown leather flipflops - can't remember, gold coloured metal belt - vintage, watch - Fossil, brown leather Bottega Veneta copy bag

 As you can see from the super stylish back drop to these pictures, I'm still far from on top of the post holiday washing.  And my mirror could do with a clean...


Monday, 18 July 2011

Fun Times

My blogging seems to be very sporodic at present - apologies - but I've been off on my travels again.  This time it was to the Croatian island of Hvar in the middle of the beautiful Adriatic.  It was a girls holiday with my two besties and a repeat of last year's trip although this time we went for longer (yippee!) 

It was an absolutely BRILLIANT week involving much eating, drinking, laughing, dancing and nowhere near enough sleeping.  We're already talking about next year! 

The gorgeous main square

Taking ourselves far too seriously on the first night

Bonj les bains

The first of many at Hula Hula... grey and white stripy vest - Primark, pink shorts - Next (childrens), orange Havaianas, black sunnies - Oliver Peoples

cut offs - River Island, mocha vest - ASOS, kimono - Topshop, leather messenger - New Look, orange Havs as I had burnt feet and couldn't wear anything else!

white vest - Primark, orange skirt - Zara, black suede sandals - Primark, black and white bikini underneath - Salinas, black sunnies - Ray Ban
Our last night :-(